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$500,000 Settlement in car accident case

$750,000 Wrongful death medical malpractice Cardiac surgical negligence

$325,000 Settlement of rear end car accident mild traumatic brain injury  

$2,825,000 Settlement of birth injury

$939,000 Mediated settlement of burned baby during delivery

$2,300,000 Merchant Marine settles traumatic brain injury case

$968,000 Construction site injury Roofer fell from roof

Chemical Exposure

Chemical exposure is exposure to a variety of different substances that could be toxic.  This can occur at work or at home.  Work risks include those who work in chemical and plastic manufacturing, mining, refineries, asbestos or pesticides.  Home risks include cleaning products, pesticides, paints, or living near chemical plants, refineries or gas stations.  A few of the effects of short-term exposure can include dizziness, headaches, shortness of breath, nausea and rashes.  Long-term exposure can cause chronic or fatal diseases, including cancer, birth defects or neurological damage.  Many of these side effects and illnesses can take years to develop.

State and federal laws make it the responsibility of manufacturers and companies to provide everyone with safe products and a save working environment. 

Should injuries occur, compensation from these injuries can include clean-up of the chemical substance, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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